File Formats ...
This is important to understand

We need the best available artwork to be able to give you the best results.
Something that's fine on a business card or website is not good enough when enlarged to 3Meters x 3Meters.

We have a saying
so please send us the artworks in the correct format

Digital Artwork
This is the proper way to submit most corporate logos. Ideally you request the client to supply you with an Illustrator EPS vector file with text converted to curves. This should lead to total confusion by a non graphics person but hopefully this means they then refer to the graphics artist or design bureau that designed the logo and we end up with an Illustrator EPS or ai file that will require a graphics programme to open. Almost all corporate logos are available as Adobe Illustrator files and are then small enough to email with superb resolution.

FreeHand 9 or Corel Draw 9/11/12/X13
This is also one of the best ways to send artworks, make sure the fonts if any are converted to paths / curves before sending to us.

Greyscale images and photographs may be saved as Photoshop, EPS files or TIFF and should be around 2500 pixels x 2500 pixels. This translates to a large file, usually too large to email unless compressed.

is the preferred way to send large image files

is the best way to supply artwork up to 3Meg in size. We suggest WinZip to compress files for quick transmission.

Faxes and Bromides
All artwork will be computer edited so a supplied bromide or fax will be scanned and we will loose quality. So please supply as large as possible, up to max A4 size. Greyscale images or colour images are usually unacceptable this way. Poor quality images will incurr artwork charges on an hourly rate. Always ask for digital artwork to get the best quality. If you're unsure we're happy to discuss with the clients graphics bureau direct.

Colour Images
Should be submitted as high resolution Photoshop EPS or Illustrator files. Must be left as RGB not CMYK. Don't email larger than 1.5Meg files.

images can be used, it is a bitmap type of image, but realize that a suitable quality image will often be around 1-2 Meg. Always compress using the highest quality setting. It still requires an image to look good on the screen at A4 size or its just not good enough.

These are generally low quality formats so avoid them

compression we prefer this compression format for large PC files

ummm... For Mac users, we can usually open these but they may give us problems

and such ...We can get artwork drumscanned and slides converted to digital formats. We will pass these charges on to the client as they are quite substantial but we will call and discuss first.

Any questions please don't hesitate but give us a call. Don't be satisfied with the secretary sending you a bitmapped image embedded in a Word document...Request professional quality graphics .